Gertie The Dinosaur

Gertie the Dinosaur is a 1914 animated short film by American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay. It is the earliest animated film to feature a dinosaur.
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Did you know? Statues in St. Paul Honoring Charles Schulz

Born in 1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Charles Schulz grew up in Saint Paul where his famous comic ...
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30th Anniversary of Dragon's Lair - Don Bluth Exclusive!

Thirty years ago today the classically animated game “Dragon’s Lair” came out in arcades. Peop...
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Oscar Nominated Shorts and Features

This year’s Oscar nominations have a pretty good crop of hand-drawn animated films in both the sho...
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2013 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

Since the Oscars are going to start up in a few hours I'd like to give a quick review of the animate...
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Lion King 3D - Box Office Takeover!

Hey look! A traditionally animated film is #1 in the box office again... so much for the "hand-drawn...
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Dumbo Blu-ray: 70th Anniversary Special Edition

Finally, after a long delay, Disney finally released Dumbo on Blu-ray filled with great bonus featur...
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John K Makes Simpsons Couch Intro

Never thought I would see the day John K makes the Simpsons couch intro. It was great! John K brough...
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1914- Winsor McCay released Gertie the Dinosaur
1919- Pat Sullivan & Otto Messmer release Feline Follies (Felix the Cat)
1919- Max Fleischer released Koko the clown
1923- Disney Brothers Studios formed
1923- Disney releases Alice Comedies “Alice’s Wonderland”
1928- Plane Crazy – First Mickey Mouse Cartoon
1928- Steamboat Willie
1929- The Skeleton Dance – First Silly Symphonies
1937- Disney releases Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. At the cost of $1.5M
1939- Fleischer released Gulliver’s Travels, their first animated feature.
1940- A Wild Hare – First Bugs Bunny cartoon
1940- Pinocchio
1940- Fantasia
1941- Dumbo
1942- Bambi
1943- Saludos Amigos
1945- The Three Caballeros
1946- Make Mine Music
1946- Song of the South
1947- Fun and Fancy Free
1948- Melody Time
1949- The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
1950- Cinderella
1951- Alice in Wonderland
1953- Peter Pan
1955- Lady and the Tramp
1959- Sleeping Beauty
1961- 101 Dalmatians
1963- Sword in the Stone
1964- Marry Poppins
1966- Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
1967- The Jungle Book
1970- The Aristocats
1971- Bedknobs and Broomsticks
1973- Robin Hood
1977- The Rescuers
1977- Pete’s Dragon
1977- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
1981- The Fox and the Hound
1983- Mickey’s Christmas Carol
1985- The Black Cauldron
1986- The Great Mouse Detective
1987- The Brace Little Toaster
1988- Who Framed Roger Rabbit
1988- Oliver & Company
1989- The Little Mermaid
1990- The Rescuers Down Under
1990- DuckTales the Movie
1991- Beauty and the Beast
1992- Aladdin
1994- The Lion King
1995- Pocahontas
1996- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1997- Hercules
1998- Mulan
1999- Tarzan
2000- Fantasia 2000
2000- The Emperor’s New Groove
2002- Lilo & Stitch
2003- Brother Bear