Learn Animation

Want to learn how to animate? You have come to the right place. Hand drawn animation is a very complicated process and takes a lot of skill to accomplish. Before you start, be sure you have an understanding of draftsmanship. Being able to draw is incredibly important to being successful in animation. Like anything, it will take practice, Practice, PRACTICE! Many animators and artists have studied differently to achieve this goal. The following are different ways to study and learn how to animate.


Advanced Animation by Preston Blair (1947)

Learn from a master animator and artist, Preston Blair. This book is essential for any student or professional wanting to polish their skills. PrestonBlairHeader

The Know-How of Cartooning by Ken Hultgren

Learn from Walt Disney Studios animator and comic book artist Ken Hultgren and his book “The Know-How of Cartooning” (1946). KenHultgrenHeader