Here you will find interviews with traditional animators, concept artists, writers, directors and more. We plan to conduct many interviews, so keep checking back! If you are looking for more interviews, be sure to check out the “Traditional Animation Show” featuring video interviews & lessons.

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Interview with James Lopez

Interview with Hullabaloo’s James Lopez

“Question: How long have you been working on Hullabaloo? What is the origin of the story? James’s Answer: Back in February of 2011, I realized that there was a serious lack of quality 2d animation film in production. Rather than sit and wait for and idea of project to come along, I took the initiative to be proactive and create one of my own. I tried to think of …” Read More

Tony Bancroft Interview

Exclusive Interview with Tony Bancroft

“Q. When you started at Disney which artists mentored you?

I was fortunate to work under two great animators in my early career at Disney. They were Mark Henn and Will Finn. I worked under Mark Henn as a clean-up lead on the film Roller Coaster Rabbit and the first half of the feature The Rescuers Down Under. Watching him work and showing him tests that…” Read More

The Bear and The Hare Behind the Scenes Interview

“The Bear and The Hare” Interview

“Question: How did you get involved?

Dominic’s Answer: Initially I had gotten calls from two groups, I didn’t know at the time that they were both for the same project until more details began to come out. A colleague of mine had been instrumental in helping to connect the London based producers of Blink Ink to us. They were ultimately the agency awarded the…” Read More

Don Bluth Interview

Dragon’s Lair 30th Anniversary Interview

“Question: How did you arrive at the look for Dirk?

Don’s Answer: Well that was looking at a lot of costume ideas. Basically the look of Dirk’s face is very similar to Kay in the Sword in the Stone. He has the same kind of jaw and everything so we actually just sort of lifted it from there. For his costume, we had to do something fairly simple that the animators, who…” Read More

Tom Bancroft Interview

Exclusive Interview with Tom Bancroft

“Q: Why did you decide to start teaching online classes?

I’ve toyed with the idea of an online- or even brick and mortar- animation/art program for years. I have a real love/hate relationship with art schools. I love them in concept but hate the politics/ economics/ greed/ lack of talent that get in the way of them being good places to learn the art of drawing. What has… ” Read More

Exclusive Interview with Gary Goldman

“Q: How & why was the decision to make a animated feature film based on Robert O’ Brien’s “Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH”? Was there any of stories considered early on?

There wasn’t a list of stories that we were contemplating. The opportunity came when we least expected. It was mid 1978. Don had asked the then CEO, Ron Miller if he’d like to see our garage…” Read More

Interview with Animator Scott T. Petersen

“Q: First, can you give us a bit of your background story before you became part of the animation industry?

I was born in Eagle, Colorado. Then at age 3 our family moved to Nevada to live on my Uncle’s cattle ranch which my father and Aunts and Uncles would help to run. It was a large property in the middle of the Nevada deserts just outside of…” Read More

Interview with Director Michael Sporn

“Q: How did you get interested in animation? Were there any animated films that inspired you?

I started out interested in animation. When I was four my mother recalls my demanding cartoons on the TV. (Back in 1950 there weren’t many cartoons on TV so she must have taken me to a movie theater.) By 12 I had bought a regular 8mm camera and started….” Read More

Concept Artist Marc Lumer Interview

“Q: How did you get the job working for an animation studio?

I was living and working in Europe and doing commercial illustration, graphic design and comic books. During a trip in Los Angeles in 1994, I met with John Kricfalusi of Spumco. He liked my work and introduced me to Bruce Timm and Eric Rodomski of….” Read More

Interview With Tv Animator Erik Girndt

“Q: How did you get the job working for an animation studio?

Erik: For my first large studio animation job, Comedy Central, I applied for the job and sent in my demo reel and resume. Some of my class mates that I worked with at some smaller studios were already on the project, and put in a good word. At Cartoon Network, I didn’t know anyone at the studio, so I…..” Read More