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The long awaited Blu-Ray release of the classic animated film “Cats Don’t Dance” is coming to Blu-Ray September 26th, 2023. The special features will include some classic Warner Bros., cartoons. However there is no “Making-of” included in the special features. Which many fans were hoping for. Coming to Blu-ray September

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For the first time you can own these Disney classics on Blu-ray and Blu-ray DVD combo packs. These titles are being released this summer. Be sure to pick these up, they are a great addition to add to your collection. In the future we will have Aladdin, Hercules, The Black

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Do yourself a big favor and go buy Disney’s latest traditionally animated film Winnie the Pooh directed by Stephen Anderson & Don Hall.

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Finally, after a long delay, Disney finally released Dumbo on Blu-ray filled with great bonus features, behind the scenes and more! Dumbo has such a great story, and great moments.

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