John K Makes Simpsons Couch Intro

October 3, 2011 in Featured Posts, News

Posted by; Lavalle Lee

Never thought I would see the day John K makes the Simpsons couch intro. It was great! John K brought his Ren and Stimpy style and made it even more crazy. I will update this post as I learn more on how and why! For now enjoy the Youtube vids.

Bad Quality but with Voices

Good quality no voices.

Doesn’t this make you want to see a full episode like this??

Here are some links to sketches, and John K’s official website for more behind the scenes stuff.

John K’s Website
John K Sketches of Simpsons Intro
John K Interview on Cartoon Brew

John K Makes Simpsons Couch Intro

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John K Makes Simpsons Couch Intro

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