The brand new “Chuck Jones Experience” in Las Vegas, Nevada just opened this year! I know for my next visit to Vegas, this will probably be my first stop. They recently contacted me about their opening and I asked if I could give them a feature on our website. They said yes! Here are some images and their official information.

“We officially opened January 19th, 2012 and are located inside the Circus Circus resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip.
The experience is a 10,000 square foot attraction that holds the gallery, retail space, Center for Creativity and the actual 9-room, 8,000 square foot “Experience.”
The experience houses what can only be described as a museum about Chuck, his life, his art and his contributions to animation. We hold the largest archive of original work done by Chuck, showing over 250 sketches, cels, and paintings. Large 3D set ups allow fans to take pictures and interact with their favorite characters. At the end of the experience we have interactive exhibits on zoetropes, 3D animation, foley sounds and voice overs where patrons can make their own animations or add voices/sound to cartoons. All of the works in the experience come from Linda Jones Enterprise, Chuck’s daughter is the overseer for all the work her father did, as well as supplying the galleries with limited editions and originals to sell. As the gallery goes, the director of the experience Neil Cantor, has been collecting animation since he was a young boy, and was personal friends with Joe Barbera. The gallery has an extensive reach into the world of animation art, not just the Chuck Jones/Warner Brothers studio’s works.

General Admission for the experience is $19.95. Military, senior, students and hotel guests receive a $5 discount. Children 5-17 are $14.95, and children under 4 are free. Nevada residents (with ID) are $14.95, with NV residents aged 5-17 are $9.95.

We’re open 7 days a week from 10am – 10pm.”
– Chuck Jones Experience

You can visit their website
If anyone visits here, please comment and let us know how it was!

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