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After 40 years, Don Bluth returns to Walt Disney Animation Studios. This was something for the history books. I am extremely grateful that I got to be part of these moments & talks of the future. Why was Don Bluth at Disney Animation you ask? Well, some of that must

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to animate traditionally? Now is your chance! Learn from Master Animator/Director Don Bluth for a full year online! Classes start Feb 6th, 2018. Classes include, Draftsmanship, Concept Art, Advanced Animation, Storyboards, Layout, Script Writing and much more. Details below 01. DRAFTMANSHIP (6

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“The Art of Dragon’s Lair” is now available to the world! This book has been long awaited for over 30 years, it’s better late than never. I can personally say I am both humbled and honored to be featured in “The Art of Dragon’s Lair” book. It has been AMAZING

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Dragon’s Lair: The Movie Pitch Presentation is finished!! We want to thank all of you for your support and contributions. Without you we wouldn’t have made this happen and a BIG Happy 80th Birthday to Don Bluth!! You can watch the pitch on Official Dragon’s Lair: The Movie Website. For

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The Dragon’s Lair Indiegogo Campaign is officially shutting down tonight. As of right now, they are at $680,021.00 dollars! Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have had the highest hand-drawn animation crowdfunding campaign ever! Filled with tons of great perks. Rewards including cels, animation drawings, blu-rays, maquettes, posters, and so much

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The Land Before Time Animation Drawings
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Don Bluth and Gary Goldman just released on their Indiegogo campaign original, “The Land Before Time” animation drawings for their contributors. They will be signing each of these animation drawings and they are only going for $125 dollars each. For a piece of animation history, that is a great price.

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Congratulations Don Bluth & Gary Goldman!!! Dragon’s Lair just reached $250,000 on Indiegogo!! This is great news for the world of Traditional Animation. These two living legends have proven that hand-drawn animation is alive and well. I have had the honor and privilege to work for Don Bluth & Gary

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DRAGON’S LAIR: THE MOVIE KICKSTARTER IS HERE!! Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have just released the campaign filled with many great rewards including signed drawings, art books, maquettes, animation classes and so much more! Check it out and contribute, we definitely are! Dragon’s Lair: The Movie – Kickstarter From Don

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Don Bluth & Gary Goldman
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New Episode of The Traditional Animation Show is online!! In this episode we interview animation legends Don Bluth and Gary Goldman!! We uploaded the full uncut version that includes an additional 20 minutes of footage!! Find out about their past, present and future plans including their Dragon’s Lair: The Movie

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Thirty years ago today the classically animated game “Dragon’s Lair” came out in arcades. People everywhere were swarming to the arcades to play this revolutionary game. Dragon’s Lair to this day is still being played worldwide on every console, computer, phone, tablet out there, you name it. We got the

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Did you know there is a Don Bluth archive filled with original work they did on the films? Recently, I was very fortunate to get a tour of the Savannah School of Art & Design’s Don Bluth Collection of Animation. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman donated two storage rooms filled

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Learn from one of the last remaining Master Animators, Don Bluth! I personally took classes for almost 2 years and it has been a life changing experience. How so, do you ask? Before these classes, I never considered myself an artist, now I do. In fact, I feel as if

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Rock-a-Doodle 1 6.8

A delightful film. Interesting to note that this is one of the few movies at the time that combined animation and live action, which was not something new to the trio made up with Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy who worked on Pete’s Dragon together. On to the

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