Enrolling now! Want to learn hand drawn animation from a former Disney Animator? Paulo Alvarado and his wife Valeska along with their neighbors Todd and Gladys West started an animation school less than a year ago which has had much success. I have had the pleasure of working there teaching Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Web Development. I have witnessed the passion that the students and teachers bring to the school. I am very lucky to be part of this new venture.

Elite Animation Academy is unique offering animation classes to anyone from novice to professional, kids and adults. We are located in Orlando, FL.

Class schedule from the website.

Adult Animation – Traditional Animation for Adults
“Now Registering Traditional Animation for Adults – 15 weeks- April 17 to July 31″
Traditional Animation for Adults will teach the basic principles of hand drawn animation, from the bouncing ball to a character walk cycle.”
More Information on the Website

“Now Registering for Kids Summer Camps”

Traditional Animation – Week 1
Traditional Animation will teach children some of the basic principles of hand drawn animation, from the bouncing ball to a character walk cycle. The students will also work on producing an animated short with a character and story of their own design along with music and sound.

Stop Motion Animation – Week 2
Stop Motion Animation is an animation technique that uses a real object and manipulates it in order to make it appear to move on its own. The children will first learn some basic of animation and then break up into groups to work on creating an animated film using a variety of posable characters and animators clay.

Comics and Cartooning – Week 3
Comics and Cartooning is about the art of telling a story with images and text. Students will briefly explore the history of the medium and learn some of the basic techniques. The students will then focus on putting together a short story, designing characters and putting all these elements together into a finished product.

Character Design – Week 4
Character Design is used in video games, animation, and live action movies. This class is for the artist who loves creating their own characters like robots, monsters or cute fuzzy creatures. The students will work on a variety of fundamental techniques and then focus on creating a model sheet of their own character.

Sculpting – Week 5
Sculpting is all about building a three dimensional version of your own character. Students will work on designing a character and create a rough model sheet from different angles. The students will then work on building a wire armature and sculpt their character in clay.

Human and Animal Drawing – Week 6
Human and Animal Drawing will work on the basics of learning how to draw the human figure and animals. The students will learn techniques and approaches to breaking down humans and animals into simple and manageable forms. The students will also familiarize themselves with simplified anatomy. Classes will be broken into lecture drawing and drawing live costumed models and animals.

Flash Animation – Week 7
Flash Animation is similar to traditional animation except its all digital or in the computer. Flash is a main part of the internet these days, from Facebook games to fun animated cartoons on Youtube. The class will focus on tools and techniques to give a clear understanding of Flash and the students will produce animation that is in color, has sound, and can even be uploaded online to show the world.

Elite Animation Academy
The Shoppes at Windermere
8933 Conroy-Windermere Road
Orlando, Florida 32835

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The Author

Lavalle Lee

Lavalle Lee

Lavalle Lee has been creating animated cartoons online since 1999/2000 for his website flashcartoons.org. Many cartoons on the site have gained viral video status reaching millions of viewers online. In 2009, Lavalle started learning hand drawn animation from Don Bluth in his animation classes, as well as attending his Masterclasses in Arizona. He has also personally studied animation and visual effects from Veteran Disney animators in Orlando, FL.

Lavalle is widely known in the animation industry as the creator of the TraditionalAnimation.com website. After seeing that most animation sites were about all types of animation, not any specific to classical hand drawn animation, Lavalle knew Traditional Animation needed to be represented online. TraditionalAnimation.com has become the leading website and social media account for all things 2D. The website served as inspiration for “The Traditional Animation Show” in which Lavalle was both producer and host.

His partnership with Don Bluth began when he championed the Dragon's Lair Indiegogo campaign as lead project manager, editor, voice actor and in-betweener. The campaign reached $730,000 dollars to produce a 7-minute pitch video. In 2017, Lavalle brought the idea of creating a school to Don Bluth, and Don Bluth University was born. After a decade of learning from Don Bluth and working together on multiple pitches and business ventures, Lavalle accepted the position as Vice President of Don Bluth's new company Don Bluth Studios.


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