tommmoore Song of the Sea director Tomm Moore is gearing up for this third feature film, Wolfwalkers.  The story takes place in a time of superstition and magic, when wolves were seen as evil demons.  
A young girl named Robyn arrives in Ireland with her father to hunt the last pack of wolves.  But when Robyn saves a wild native girl, Mebh, their friendship leads her to discover the world of Wolfwalkers and she is transformed into a wolf, the very thing her father is tasked to destroy.

“Wolfwalkers” Conceptual Trailer


As with Cartoon Saloon’s previous efforts, the film will be crafted in a similar style and flair that the studio is known for.  Cartoon Saloon’s style seems to stem from traditional medieval art, Gustav Klimt and eastern european to more modern art like Samurai Jack and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.


Tomm Moore is definitely committed to traditional animation as his films leverage the strengths of medium and what separates it from 3D Animation.  His film emphasize the graphic and exaggerated expressiveness of the medium.  Something that is very difficult to do with CG imagery.



Moore attended Ballyfermot College’s Animation Course in Ireland, a course financed by the Sullivan Bluth Studio.  It was this training that planted the seed in Moore for his vibrant career in animation.

Wolfwalkers Behind the Scenes

Visit Cartoon Saloon’s website here:

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Owen Welsh

Owen Welsh

I have worked at video game companies such as EA, Flagship Studios and mobile game studios. For four years I was mentored by Don Bluth on his website Don Bluth Animation. Being mentoring by him has been a highlight to my career. I have shipped over 15+ titles and I hope to one day work in animated films or TV. I recently finished a comic 'Halus' and iOS mobile game.


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    Looks interesting and well done.

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    Dean Gallagher crying, dream job !

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    I can’t wait for this!

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    WOW! Definitely want to see that.

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    Kristen Kiomall-Evans 😀 <3

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    Song of the Sea was really cool, even better than the Book of Kells

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    Denny Ingles

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    Camila Velasquez

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