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Dragon’s Lair: The Movie Kickstarter is LIVE!!

October 26, 2015 in 2d Animation, Feature Films, Featured Posts

DRAGON’S LAIR: THE MOVIE KICKSTARTER IS HERE!! Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have just released the campaign filled with many great rewards including signed drawings, art books, maquettes, animation classes and so much more! Check it out and contribute, we definitely are! Dragon’s Lair: The Movie – Kickstarter From Don Bluth & Gary Goldman’s Kickstarter […]

Lavalle Lee

Exclusive Don Bluth & Gary Goldman Interview!!

October 25, 2015 in 2d Animation, Featured Posts, Interviews

New Episode of The Traditional Animation Show is online!! In this episode we interview animation legends Don Bluth and Gary Goldman!! We uploaded the full uncut version that includes an additional 20 minutes of footage!! Find out about their past, present and future plans including their Dragon’s Lair: The Movie Kickstarter!! Get a professional lesson […]

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New “The Nine Old Men” Book by Andreas Deja

September 23, 2015 in 2d Animation, Featured Posts, History

Andreas Deja released his new book entitled “The Nine Old Men: Lessons, Techniques, and Inspiration from Disney’s Great Animators”. Filled with some never before seen original drawings, and the works of each of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men! Andreas shares their knowledge on acting, figure drawing, story and so much more. Pick up your copy […]

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New Traditional Animation Show with Aaron Blaise!!

August 31, 2015 in 2d Animation, Featured Posts, Interviews

The Traditional Animation Show – Aaron Blaise Interview We have a brand new episode of The Traditional Animation Show!! We interview former Disney Director Aaron Blaise and find out how he got his start in animation, from college all the way up to directing Brother Bear for Walt Disney Feature Animation. Be sure to stay […]

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New Dr. Seuss book “What Pet Should I Get”

July 27, 2015 in Featured Posts, News

A brand new Dr. Seuss book, “What Pet Should I Get?” is set for release tomorrow July 28, 2015. This is the first book to be released since his last book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” in 1990, a year before his passing. Audrey Geisel, his widow and longtime secretary Claudia Prescott cleaned out many […]

Lavalle Lee

Tribute to “The Magic of Disney Animation” Attraction

July 12, 2015 in Featured Posts, News

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has officially closed “The Magic of Disney Animation” the best attraction at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When I first moved down to Florida in 2009 I met Les Carpenter one of the artists teaching guests how to draw characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and even Princess and the Frog […]

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Over 3,000 Followers on Instagram! Come Follow Us!

June 13, 2015 in News

We have reached over 3,000 followers on Instagram!! Come follow us and be part of our network, with news, model sheets, concept art and much much more! We have big plans so keep checking back!!

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The New Traditional Animation Show!!

May 30, 2015 in 2d Animation, Featured Posts, Interviews

The Traditional Animation Show – Dominic Carola Interview Hey everyone, check out our very first Traditional Animation Show!! It has been a long time coming, and we kick off the show with a BANG! A full Interview with Disney Veteran Dominic Carola. Learn about his days at Walt Disney Feature Animation, how he got his […]

Lavalle Lee

Interview with Song of the Sea Director Tomm Moore

April 4, 2015 in 2d Animation, Featured Posts, Interviews

We had the privilege of interviewing Tomm Moore the director of the Oscar nominated films Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells, to discuss his start in animation and his future animation projects. Also learn some of what goes on behind the scenes at Cartoon Saloon. On to the interview! Q. Could you […]

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Andreas Deja is Hiring Animators for his Film “Mushka”

March 15, 2015 in 2d Animation, Featured Posts, News

Disney Animator Andreas Deja is close to finishing work on the story reel/animatic for his upcoming film “Mushka”. He is very happy with the story and just announced that Richard Sherman (co-writer of songs from Jungle Book, Mary Poppins & many more) wrote a song for the film! The monumental news for animators is that […]

James N.

Animation Oscar Race 2015

February 22, 2015 in Featured Posts, News

It is that time of year again! Tonight at 4pm PST (7pm EST) the 87th annual Academy Awards, hosted this year by the very funny Neil Patrick Harris, will premiere on ABC and there is quite a bit of animation presented in the Oscar race. Let’s get down to business and discuss the nominees. Features: SONG […]

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Come Follow Our Traditional Animation Twitter Page!

February 5, 2015 in Featured Posts, News

Hey everyone! If you love and support come and follow our Twitter page too! We will update Twitter every day so you get your daily dose of Hand Drawn Animation!!

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Enter the Exclusive Song of the Sea Giveaway!

January 7, 2015 in 2d Animation, Contest, Featured Posts

Exclusive Song of the Sea Giveaway!! We are partnering up with GKIDS Films to give out some great prizes to celebrate the release of Song of the Sea! Enter for your chance to win a prize pack which includes a T-shirt, Art Print, Tattoos, Buttons & Song of the Sea Poster!! Click here to Enter